Penelope Stewart’s 2013 sketchbook was voted a favourite at the Brooklyn Art Library – See it here

  This was a special day. Daphne was finished and now it was time to take one last walk through the garden before packing up the studio.  I walked straight ahead  towards the giant aloe like plants searching for the Blue Garden. It was about 7am my favorite time of day when I went for the walk.  The […]

It became pretty hectic the last week of casting and installing Daphne so it was hard to get to the blog.  I am now at home but will finish up the story of my wonderful residency at Lotusland. My strategy when I started to install was to first create an inventory of the different tiles and colours […]

The Euphorbia climbing over the wall of the courtyard Good Morning.. it is lovely and sunny here this morning but cold. Not I am sure as cold as Toronto …I hope the lovely day after a snow storm sun is shinning on everyone. I always feel the one or two sunny days after the snow […]

 There was so much to see on those first walks through the garden in October.  I wasn’t sure what  shape this new beeswax architecture  would take.  Yes it would use the room as aramture but what else?  Was it an exercise in pattern or tessellation or would it be a tableau? To be honest Lotusland was inspiration at every turn… […]

As mentioned before I am staying in the gallery which was originally part of Ganna Walska’s private residence.  It faces into a lovely courtyard which is where my studio is set up.   this is my front door. not sure what this is but I like it. and this is where I decided to set […]