0 degrees

0 degrees of existence

Materials: book work, hand printed book (40 pages), 13 plates with double pages in organza, edition of 1, table, 6 video vignettes loops/ projections, 2000

Table measurements 76.2 x106.7 68.6cm, book 35.5 x 50.8 x 5.1cm

Excerpt from Turning, an essay by Anna Carlevaris.

“a hand-bound and silk screened book made of paper and organza, contains architectural plans and engineering guideline for the building of a canal. But the logic of the book’s rational assertions is interrupted by the video taped images being projected upon its surface. The video tape, in black and white, show a woman’s hand turning the same pages of the book we have before us, the hands (those of the artist’s mother) seem to float across the surface of the pages, doubling realities before our eyes. Other scenes, a young woman wading into a river, water rushing from an open tap, are accompanied by the sound of running water. The title of the book, 0 degrees of existence, refer to birth as the starting point of all the stories we tell ourselves and the world.

Selected Essay – Excerpts-from-Dream-Ecology

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