Montecastello de Vibio, Italy 2009-2012

Montecastello de Vibio, Italy

A Pinhole workshop with Dianne Bos in Italy

In 2009 I was looking to learn more about Pinhole photography. I was about to build a walk in camera obscura in the Haliburton Forest, Ontario and thought I should have a deeper understanding of the physics of how it actually worked. In the spring I came to hear that award winning pinhole photographer Dianne Bos was going to be giving a residency/workshop in Italy. I signed up and prepared to spend two weeks in the beautiful Umbrian countryside at Montecastello de Vibeo, learning about the pinhole. I built a single pinhole camera from various sized boxes, a coffee can (illy makes the best camera) and eventually a stereoscopic (two pinholes) box camera. Once I began I was hooked and I returned in 2012 to continue studying the method. I figure it will take me at least 10 years but I have begun.

Camera Obscura

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