Apian Cartography

Apian Cartography Suite, screen print variations, 15”h x 19”, 30”h x 60”w, 9’h x 12’w

Apian Cartography Suite is a direct result of exploring the archives in Canberra where I found potential outlines and maps for this imagined city. I began to draw -re-draw- to trace various maps that had inspired me until the map drawing took on lines and curves that resembled but were also fiction.   I screen printed my map sections onto mitsumata tissue and from these created a series of wallpaper like pieces. Each fragment was joined, repeated, tessellated or mirrored.   The title Apian Cartography refers back to the beehive metaphor as I began to imagine a city plan as a lacey flight pattern of the bee circling back and forth over their territory, creating a unique and ever repeating utopian map.