Orbs #3, Jack Pine , lambda archival print,   20” x 20”

Orbs #1, Lake and Sky, lambda archival print,   20” x 20”

Orbs #2, Twin Pines, lambda archival print,   20” x 20”

Orbs #5, Beaver Pond, lambda archival print,   20” x 20”

In 2009-10 I was part of an exchange residency between The Tree Museum, Gravenhurst and Craft ACT in Canberra, Australia. While in Canberra I was fortunate to be placed at Canberra Glassworks where I worked to create a glass beeskep. While there I create a second project which was a small hand held orb of glass. After experiencing the inverted image reflected in the glass cloche knobs (cloche suite) I thought I would like to have an orb that I could actually hold in my hand and use as a lens to photograph through. I liked the idea of inverting the landscape come a camera obsura. With the hot glass group at the Glassworks I was able to make my orb. In the summer of 2010 I was in residence at The Tree Museum and here I experimented with orb as lens. The results are this series.