Ruin Gazing – paradise gardens volume 1

Ruin Gazing; paradise gardens, Volume 1

In ruins we seek the poetic enchantment of enduring material fragments of the past, in order to steal a glimpse of the future. [1]
Ruin Gazing Volume 1: paradise gardens is a collection of thirty-six stereoscopic photo cards photographed and created by the artist that reflect a preliminary study of formal gardens as another constructed vision of Eden. Each card set consists of dual images, each representing a slightly different perspective of the same object. This twinning creates a perception or illusion of space and depth when viewed through vintage viewers. Further this collection of images folds in time as each representation floats between a specific past and a simulation of that time in the present.

36 stereoscopic cards 7” x 3.8”.

[1] Law, Jenn, “All That Remains”, essay to accompany Vanitas, an exhibition at the Koffler Gallery 2014

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