Trace Laminations 1

Trace Laminations2008

01 Limen – 12”x18”            02 Arête – 10”x12”

03 Barrow – 12”x18”         04 Brink – 10”x12”  

05 Specular – 10”x12”       06 Truss – 12”x18”

07 Tread – 12”x12”             08 Arris – 12”x18”

09 Verdant – 12”x18”        10 Pergula – 12”x18”            

Duraclear on glass                                                                                                                          

Trace Laminationsis a suite of photographic negatives mounted on glass. The ghost like images of the work sheds, garden huts, architectural greenhouse structures are the foundation of this series. The glass itself references the glass of the buildings and further finds meaning in the history of photography, as glass was one of the first substrates for negatives. Further, during the civil war in the US and World War I when glass was in short supply, glass negatives were re-cycled and used on greenhouses and other buildings. These images on glass revisit and suggest fleeting remnants of the past.