This was our first glimpse of Lake Superior. This part of the trip took the longest only because we kept stopping to look at something, rocks, water, more rocks etc.  We made a plan to go to see Rebecca Belmore’s Wave Sound at Pukaskwa National Park of Canada. This work is part of Landmarks 2017 […]

Anne and I left as planned and headed towards Sault St. Marie. We watched as the landscape began to change and soon we were at the point where huge rock formations, excavated to build the road, flanked the highway. With each turn of the road the formations became more beautiful. Deep greys, charcoal, pinks and […]

This summer is going to be a Prairie Adventure, two residencies, and a lovely slow trip across the Canadian Prairies. Tuesday morning, June 20 2017, I leave along with artist Anne O’Callaghan for the long drive to Saskatoon to be part of Linda Duvall’s In The Hole residency. . This is followed by a […]

This is pretty late as a post but I thought I would end the story of my amazing Artist in Residence experience of 2013 at Ganna Walska Lotusland, Montecito California and the exhibition Swarm: Collaboration with Bees before I start on my next adventure. Every two years Lotusland has been mounting incredible International exhibitions […]

  This was a special day. Daphne was finished and now it was time to take one last walk through the garden before packing up the studio.  I walked straight ahead  towards the giant aloe like plants searching for the Blue Garden. It was about 7am my favorite time of day when I went for the walk.  The […]

It became pretty hectic the last week of casting and installing Daphne so it was hard to get to the blog.  I am now at home but will finish up the story of my wonderful residency at Lotusland. My strategy when I started to install was to first create an inventory of the different tiles and colours […]