First Glimpses of Lake Superior

This was our first glimpse of Lake Superior. This part of the trip took the longest only because we kept stopping to look at something, rocks, water, more rocks etc. 

We made a plan to go to see Rebecca Belmore’s Wave Sound at
Pukaskwa National Park of Canada. This work is part of Landmarks 2017

We were a bit early as Rebecca had not finished installing.  I will check this out on my way back to Toronto in August.

Pukaskwa Park was however a great place to stop and have lunch. A very nice Park person showed us a great spot overlooking the water. We had arrived on Indigenous day and so there were festivities happening in the park. The elders had helped to reconstruct an encampment.

One wonderful thing was the smell of the forest, and water and the quiet. I will look forward to my next visit to see and listen to Rebecca Belmore’s Wave Sound.

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