Getting Lost at Lotusland

cactus garden

This morning I got up with the idea I would take a nice walk to the Lotus pond in the garden…  Well I walked and walked and stumbled upon the forest of pony tail palms and then found my way through what is called the theatre garden but still couldn’t find the pond.  Suddenly there I was in the cactus garden.a wheel barrow of cacti

I can’t get over the plantings.  So spectacular!  The perpendicular flowers are lovely as were the sort of fruit open and being consumed by insects… another pollinating feature.


I know they are incredibly phallic but they are fascinating.

cactus flower 3the colours are so beautiful.

cactus flower 4


white cactus flower




These looked to me like great big apples.

 So you can see it is easy to get distracted in this magical place.  Next post I promise to get down to business and show you how my project is developing.

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